I have been a travel agent for over 30 years and love my industry, as frustrating as it can be. I am currently past president of the Midwest Chapter of ASTA (American society of Travel Agents) which is our trade association. My current specialties are destination weddings, honeymoons, culinary travel, volunteer vacations and any size groups.

I am making a major life change and heading to sea as an on board cruise consultant for a 4 month contract with Holland America. This is an exciting and at the same time unsettling life change. Wish me luck.


  1. Best wishes for your journey; be sure and post some pics from your destinations.

  2. Thanks. Next project is to figure out how to use Flickr now. Happy New Year!

  3. Joanne,

    I look forward to reading about your adventure!!! Working on a ship was my reason for going to travel school many years ago. I chickened out and now have too many ties to land. Maybe I can “live” that dream through yu and Michael for now. Good luck and enjoy!!!

    Sheri Richer/ The Cruise Shop,Naperville

  4. Joanne and Michael,
    Found this site, looks great! So exciting! You two have been on board for a while now. How is it going?

    • It is going well and we are blending into the crew as best we can. We are a lot older than most of the ones we are in contact with so it is a bit of a challenge getting to know them. I have figured out how to say good morning , good afternoon and good evening in Indonesian so far. i also found the laundry! Sailing along, as they say. Best to all back at home.

  5. Best of luck with your adventure and I hope your snail mail is finding you ! Thanks for the cards, quite the surprise

  6. Hi Joanne and Michael,

    This was great fun reading about your adventures. Some of the stories I heard in SA now seem to be more real since seeing some pictures. I am waiting for you go get the world cruise category!


  7. Best wishes on your “New Lifestyle”, fellow Hoosier!
    Keep the Midwest informed when the whirlystorms start around late August. Have fun til the next post.

  8. I find it fascinating that you both are able to do this! Enjoy the adventure and take lots of photos.
    Best wishes and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

    Henry Ristic
    Tour Host for Viking Travel Services (Illinois)

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