Posting from Aruba

We boarded the ship on Saturday, February 7, in Ft. Lauderdale and today is February 10 and it is Aruba.  We are now officially crew, having completed all of our paperwork, passed our tests, attended the required meetings and gotten our official name tags.  We are on as officers which gives us run of the ship so we can meet all the passengers.  Last night was our first formal night and we were introduced on stage by the captain along with the Hotel Manager,First Officer, Chief Engineer,Security Officer.  I was the sole female among the dress whites.  Fun.

Ship board life is certainly unique.  There are lots of rules, naturally, in order to maintain safety and the caliper of the product.  So far I have spoken with an engineer, electrician, assistant maitre d’, shore ex staff, security officer, captain and a host of others and learned something different from each of them.  This is a village unto itself and it works because people cooperate with each other and do their jobs well.

How is the inside cabin, you ask?  Not nearly as bad as we had envisioned.  There is  plenty of storage so as long as we don’t try to change clothes at the same time, we are good.  Quite honestly we are hardly there between the work hours, grabbing meals and attending passenger functions.  The networking is key to the success of the job, meeting people and getting them to visit you during office hours.  I booked our first cruise this morning!

We were invited to a staff birthday party last night for one of the young men who handles the shopping concession.  Our first party in the petty officer’s bar was where we got a chance to really talk to people on a social basis.  The timing could not have been better for us, being the newbies onboard.

I am running out of battery so will end here.  Off to Curacao tomorrow and with luck and help from the crew will find the free internet there.


  1. Hi – so glad things are going well – spent the weekend with susan P, Ernie, Danny, Tony and Paul – naturally your name came up..

    Just had a long talk with Jorge – he is fantastic. Working on Wttw, fitting in the Ireland meeting etc.

    Will see him at the SKAL dance – wish I had your red dress ( as if it would fit! )

    Love to M.

    MP and Tommy – we LIKE inside cabins!

  2. Hey Girl,
    Congratulations on your first booking!!!!
    Tomorrow night is our last official small group meeting , with food of course . It looks like we will have a pretty full house. Just because we are disbanding, you and i know that we will still always be a small group. Even Lisa and Joel are coming with little Colton. We will fill them in on your travels and hopefullly they will be checking your blog as well.
    Much love and prayers, Uly and Jen

  3. Good to go, guys! This blogging is new to me but I’m never too old to learn.

    What a great way for you to enjoy the sights, etc. (in your spare time!). I envy you but know you are working very hard on all of this, too.

    All’s well here. Am sure you don’t miss the miserable cold, icy weather we’ve had so don’t worry about it – leave that to us.



  4. It sounds like everything is going well…GREAT e
    every one is wondering how Michael is doing so I will tell them so far so good. Congrats on the booking – hope that you are enjoying and can have some time off today in FLL.
    Happy Valentines Day
    Judy Hall

  5. How exciting it is to read your adventures and live vicariously. Perhaps the mental images of what you are describing will help me get through these final gray, cold winter days. I’m so glad things are going well for you and Michael and that you’ve made your first “sail sale.” You are both in my prayers.

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