Posted by: gardner310 | July 19, 2009

Onboard the Zaandam

We boarded the ship in Seattle at Pier 91.  Unfortunately the pier is nowhere near the downtown area, so it will not be easy or cheap to get to town while we are in port here.  It is quite a hike just to get out of the pier area to the main road so certainly not convenient for crew or passengers.  We’ll see how it work next Friday when we are back.

It was a glorious day, over 80 and sunny.  Who says it rains in Seattle all the time?  I was hoping for the same weather further north but it was not to be.

The first day out is a day at sea and it was extremely foggy and dreary.  I was busy doing my testing, attending meetings and just getting organized so it did not affect me much.  Departing out of Seattle means it takes longer to be in sight of land which happened today on day 3.

Last evening we met the captain, Jan Smits, a nice looking Dutchman who introduced us on stage in our formal getups.  We are served champagne for the Captain’s Toast and I was surprised when I took a sip that it was real champagne.  On the Zuiderdam, we were served ginger ale in lieu of the real thing.  No stories or jokes from the captain, though, so it was short and sweet and the guests were off to dinner.  Each captain is quite different in their social interaction with the guests and on stage presence.

Once I am off the computer Michael and I are off to hike up Mt. Roberts.  We are docked right in the center of town so we don’t have a long walk from the ship anymore.  Figured that hiking will be the exercise du jour as long as it stays dry.  It is cloudy and cool (maybe 60) today so the photos will be less than stellar but it is fun to explore the area. The next business at hand is to find where they sell a 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper under $10!   When we get back to Juneau next week it will be governor Palin’s last day.  Guess I’ll have to hang around the governor’s house to see if I can see her moving out.Juneau

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