Posted by: gardner310 | December 31, 2009

Back at Sea!

It is the week before Christmas and we boarded the Oosterdam in San Diego on December 19.  We are back at sea after three and a half months.   Our cabin did not grow any since we left and there is still no window.  I do wish we could have spent Christmas at home with Evan but we don’t get to choose our dates.

The ship is beautifully decorated for Christmas with flowers, trees, garlands and hand made gingerbread buildings.  We even have a train set in the lobby bar area.

Christmas decorations on the Oosterdam

Traditions on a ship are set just like in a home.   We, the officers/staff, serve the crew Christmas Eve dinner in the crew mess.  Then the housekeeping staff serves us dinner in the Lido.  We had some wonderful prime rib on Christmas Eve.  The staff and crew put on a lovely show of Christmas carols from around the world.  The guests love it.

Christmas Flowers

Christmas church services are held at midnight to complete the evening.  Christmas dinner was turkey with all the trimmings.  The crew becomes a family onboard since most of us are away from home and family.  I am lucky to have Michael with me, as most crew members are alone.

We had a great week of sales and put in a lot of hours but are very pleased with the results, hoping we can do the same next week for a good start to this contract.  I sent this week checking out the ports for Internet connections.  Next week I hope to take a couple of shore excursions and actually explore the area.  Check back.

Lobby Tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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