Posted by: gardner310 | March 27, 2010

Cooking Class? in Puerto Vallarta

I took a shore excursion that was named as a cooking class.  We started the tour in the center of town on the Malecon or boardwalk.  Puerto Vallarta has a wonderful array of sculpture along the beach walk.   Strolling the Malecon is a delightful way to spend a few hours discovering the art and shopping the local arts and crafts.

City Mascot

We crossed the river on the motor coach and drove through the old town where there are some interesting galleries and restaurants.  My goal is to take one day and just head on there on the local bus.

The church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is only about 150 + yrs old and a total mishmash of building materials but it is an impressive centerpiece for the town, which has grown up around it.

Town Square, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our last stop was at Punto right on the ocean road.  The restaurant is unique because the entire front of it is open to the ocean.  Inside hangs a fantastic crystal chandelier that is just massive.  The restaurant sets us up in the back at bar stools, about 3 to a table.  We are supposed to be cooking several dishes – pico de gallo, guacamole, and chicken mole.  The tables were set with a small cutting board with half an avocado, some red onion, half a tomato and cilantro plus a table knife.  What I thought to be a cooking class turned out to be a chopping and assembling session.  I did have fun though, talking to some of the guests.

Punto Restaurant

I was disappointed in the cooking class but all in all it was a peasant afternoon and the margaritas were very good.

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