Posted by: gardner310 | May 1, 2010

Mexico Wrap Up

It has been a very busy end of the season on board. Sales have been excellent and activities abound. Michael and I were photographed as the new models for our high- end jewelry store, Merabella. They said we fit the demographics. I am still not sure that is a compliment but the pictures came out great. I’ve decided that I do like black diamonds.

Black Diamonds

I started tutoring a few of the crew in English. Don’t laugh. If anyone has taught ESL, I would be grateful for any good suggestions. I have to admit I cannot remember gerunds.

In Mazatlan last week I went on an excursion called Salsa y Salsa. A company called the Dancing Chefs, two lovely ladies who really know how to provide a good time to their guests, operates it. We learned how to make several salsas and guacamole, plus two margaritas dressed in professional aprons and chefs’ hats.

Dancing Chefs

We also learned how to salsa dance. It was the first time I was drunk before lunch in many years. Absolutely a delightful time.

This week in Mazatlan I went out for lunch with my friend, Pauline the travel guide. We walked to the market and Restaurant Claudia and consumed some marvelous camerones de ajo or garlic shrimp. There were easily 12-14 shrimp of decent size with rice and beans, too much food. Add a diet Pepsi and the total with tip came to $6.00. I love Mexico. We were the only gringos in the place that seated no more than 30, a great find. I have one more port, Puerto Vallarta, tomorrow which just happens to be Cinco de Mayo. I am hoping for a good afternoon in town.


  1. Wow! Better late than never I guess hehehe! Thanks for posting the picture, we’re glad to hear you had a good time. We have now re-located to Royal Villas (just up the road) – a much bigger and fancier hotel. We hope you come back and revisit us again soon. Best, Pamela and Leonique.

    • Glad you found the blog. I loved cooking & dancing with you

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