Posted by: gardner310 | September 8, 2010

Biking in Bermuda

I finally went on an active shore excursion, biking. I keep trying to get out on the kayaks but the guests keep filling them up. That’s a good thing, actually. So I decided to do the bike trip and it was delightful.

9 Beaches Resort, Biking Base

We start out on a boat ride of about 20 minutes from the pier in Hamilton to a more remote part of the island. We land at the beach where the 9 Beaches Resort once operated. It is currently closed down and Fantasea is using it as a base of operations for biking and kayaking.

There were 12 of us and most are frequent bikers, some having done major bike vacation trips, like to China. I was interested to see that the same type of client who takes a bike vacation also takes a cruise. Therein lies the lesson never to typecast anyone. People have multiple interests and as a travel agent, we can serve them all, if we know what they like.

Rest Stop to see World's Smallest Drawbridge

The bike ride was only 5-6 miles but it took about an hour and a half with all of the stops involved to see sights. We traveled along the only rail trail in Bermuda, which was lovely with lots of shade and by some typical homes. We passed the oldest home on the island, over 150 years old, recognized by its flat roof. The roofs now are all terraced to collect rainwater so you can see the difference.

Bermuda's Oldest Home

Our guides were Will and Dante; native Bermudians so there were no questions they could not answer. We learned about the birds, the history of the railroad that no longer exists and the fortifications. There are over 100 forts in Bermuda, not one of which ever fired a shot in defense of the island. Does that tell you the British were bit paranoid or just fans of fort building?

Dante, Our Fearless Leader

Ft Scaur still offers great views of the island’s strategic waterway and a lovely view of the home of the Mott applesauce people. And a beautiful home it is.  An included rum swizzle and a dip in the ocean ended our excursion and we all sailed back to Hamilton, better exercised and more informed about Bermuda.    A good day indeed.

Mott's Family Home

Just a word about the bikes. You never know what to expect as far as equipment when you take these tours but these bikes were new Treks and better than my bike at home. They are mountain bikes and they came in different sizes to suit varying heights. The bike helmets were in good condition and also looked almost new as well. All in all I would definitely recommend Fantasea Tours and the bike trip. I may even do it again before we leave Bermuda at the end of the season.  For more photos head to Flickr.


The End of the Trail

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