Posted by: gardner310 | January 30, 2012


Nha Trang is a place that I remember from the movie, “Good Morning Vietnam.  It is the capital of Khandh Province and well-known for its pristine beaches and excellent scuba diving.  Looking out from lower promenade deck, all I could see was a fleet of dive boats.   This was frustrating since I knew I did not have the time to go diving.  It’s a thriving beach side resort town with a beach promenade several miles long, lots of hotels and a variety of restaurants.  The old part of town shows its origin as a fishing village with the Long Son Pagoda and its huge white Buddha statue.  Unfortunately I only saw this from a bus heading to an airport on my way to Cambodia.  Sigh, yet another place I need to put on my return list.


  1. loved Vietnam

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