Posted by: gardner310 | June 3, 2012

Kayaking in Halifax

Halifax weather today was not exactly the most welcoming we’ve seen. It was a gray chilly day but I was heading out of town about 45 minutes to the kayak outfitter. Hat, gloves, rain jacket, water shoes, iPhone camera-check!

We drove through the lovely countryside and arrived to see perfectly flat water in front of us waiting for our colorful kayaks to glide over it. Despite the lack of sun and warmth it was a perfect kayaking day.

Our guides Paddle Pete and Andre were wonderful, full of knowledge and personality. Our little group of 8 all had a great paddle. As a bonus when we landed our vessels there were fresh cooked mussels, fresh fruit and cookis as a snack. This will remain one of the highlights of this Canada/New England season.

Check out the crystal clear water in the photos, from an IPhone no less






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