Posted by: gardner310 | October 9, 2012

Ancient Greek Ruins

Travel is a wonderful way to see the world and how others live but it is also a great opportunity to see how people lived in the past. When in the Mediterranean countries, it is easy to find excellent excavations that give us that glimpse into the past.

Pompeii is probably the most famous. I’ve now also visited Ostia Antica in Italy and Corinth, Mycenae and Olympia in Greece. All are amazing in their own right.

In Corinth I walked in the steps of St. Paul, stood in the area where he was tried. The acropolis there is quite impressive but equally so are the ruins of the marketplace.

At Agamemnon’s Palace they had just opened the path around his actual grave where they found a treasure buried with him. It is a good climb to the top and the view is worth the walk. In Mycenae, we also found the beehive tomb, an architectural style unique to the area.

Olympia provided a glimpse of the original Olympic games and where the athletes trained and competed. The complex is full of green trees and spaces and wide boulevards. The Greek arenas did not have seats, spectators sat on the inclined slopes. The original arena could hold 35,000-40,000. Seats did not come into play until the Romans- I never knew that.

Excavations are continuing at most sites, usually with university students, as money is available. I think we all need to pay more attention to history and really try to learn from it be it construction principles or political / social principles. Seems to me all those wars should have taught us how to avoid them.

Take advantage of the shore excursions offered or use public transportation, which is very reasonable, to visit these amazing sites. Make sure you use a guide though so you get the facts and make it come alive.

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