Posted by: gardner310 | October 9, 2012

Cagliari, Sicily

On my way to the ruins of Barumini the guide gave us a lot of general information on Sicily, most of which I forgot, of course. But I did manage to retain a few interesting facts.

Sicily was the granary for Rome from 500BC to 238 BC. It is still the #1 producer of saffron for all of Italy. It also produces the majority of artichokes or carciofi , exporting over one million tons a year.

Cagliari is considered the greenest city of Italy and I can see the truth of that in its thousands of jacaranda trees as well as many other varieties.

A fun fact is that near Cagliari are the only flamingo breeding grounds in all of Europe. The young were all hatched and gone but you could see the huge area where they nest. What a sight that must be when they arrive!

The guide used a very cute expression to mean ” that’s too bad” or “it’s a shame”. She said ” Is a little pity”. I think is a little pity I will not see Cagliari again this year. Maybe next time…

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