Posted by: gardner310 | November 25, 2012

Never too old to get picked up…

I made an unscheduled stop in a town enroute to Santa Maria de Leuca that I could not see a name for.  I noticed a great piazza and twisty streets so I actually found a place to park on the street and started walking.  What a cute place and a highpoint of my day happened when an elderly signore replied to my buon giorno.  Such a chatty gentleman.  I learned his name, Rafaello and that he is 84 years old.  He wanted to know where I was from, my name, my age and if I was single.  Told him I was solo qui so he asked if I had a husband, marito, mentioning that he (husband) was in Venezia.  I got an invitation to breakfast from him but explained I was on my way to Santa Maria de Leuca.  He gave me a great toothless smile and a buon viaggio.  A little Italian goes a long way.  I was sorry that I didn’t ask to take his photo, he had a great face.

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