Posted by: gardner310 | December 5, 2012

Little Tiny Tiles

Little tiny tiles make up this wonderful mosaic

Little tiny tiles make up this wonderful mosaic

I spent the day visiting the various museums with examples of the mosaics for which Ravenna is famous.  And they are amazing, these huge art works done with pieces no larger than my little fingernail in most cases.  Tried to take some photos but as usual the photos do not do the proper pieces justice.

Grabbed a late afternoon panino in the supermarket and went to the park to find a bench for supper.I was enjoying listening to my book, the 3rd in the Game of Thrones series, when a local lady in her 80’s sat down and began a conversation.  Bless her, she was looking for company because even when I explained I spoke

Anna from Ravenna

Anna from Ravenna on left

“piccolo Italiano” she just chatted on.  I could tell her where I was from, yes I was married and my husband was in Venice waiting for me, yes the bambini (children) were having fun in the park, yes Ravenna was lovely and the mosaics were amazing.  I can understand way more than I can speak so a nod here and there kept her going.  She proceeded to explain to me that  Columbus did not discover America but that it was an Italian, Amerigo Vespuci who discovered it. Pleased that I could understand her, I had to laugh at my unlikely history lesson.

When I left to return to my hotel, she moved on to the next bench and started a new conversation.

For more Ravenna photos:


  1. Columbus was Italian too. Cristoforo Colombo was born in Genoa.

    • I think her point was that Amerigo got there first and of course Columbus didn’t sail for Italy but queen Isabella. Thanks for reading the blog. Nice to hear from another Italy fan.

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