Posted by: gardner310 | April 7, 2013

Modern Dubai

I’m on vacation from my cruise ship job and here for a conference. Holland America does call here periodically and I’d recommend you consider one of those itineraries just to see this city.

This city is 42 years old this year and it is mind boggling to see what’s been built in that time. It is one huge construction. the say if you see a sand area in the city, it just means it isn’t finished yet? Dubai is one of 7 emirates in the UAE, United Arab Emerate, the second largest following Abu Dhabi. Each is run by a sheik and this emirate took off after discovering oil in the late 1960’s. the Maktoum family is the royal family here and have done an amazing job of developing not just the construction but the infrastructure of the society with a huge focus on education.

Our tour took us to see the Burj al Arab hotel, the only 7 star hotel anywhere, the Marina area with its thousands of apartments and restaurants, and the largest mall in the world with 1200 shops. Pick a designer, any designer and they are here. There are amazing malls here that include aquariums, skating rinks and ski slopes.

Some photos here will give you a taste of this amazing city in the desert.








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