Posted by: gardner310 | April 15, 2013

Middle East Magic

Well, I have been to the promised land, at least my promised land. Checked off Petra from my bucket list but I would return anytime.

It lives up to its reputation and more. My photos are but an attempt to catch the flavor and majesty of the site. It is much larger than anticipated. The photo we all see is of the Treasury, the huge facade from the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. Indy gets to go inside but there is no inside. Hope I didn’t spoil anything for anyone.

The thing is you walk a mile to get to the Treasury and that is just the start of the site. From there you walk downhill past the theater, possible domiciles and shop areas, past the Royal Tombs on high, the Great Temple to the church and yet another giant wall with chambers. That’s just what has been uncovered. As with most archeological sites, there is much more below the surface than we see. From my hotel, the Petra Guest House, which is at the entrance to the site, you walk 5 miles round trip and that doesn’t count side trips up to the tombs, the great temple, the high place or the 900 plus steps to the monastery. If you did everything in a day your pedometer would max out before you finished.

These shots will give you a glimpse of the wonders.










  1. What an amazing experience

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