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Cefalu, Who Knew?


Sicily is almost a country unto itself, although it is an Italian “state”.  You will hear the residents refer to themselves as Sicilian first, Italian second.  Palermo is one of the ports we use in Sicily but it is not one of my favorites.  It is a large city, busy with traffic double parked on every street, a bit trashy  with a lot of immigrant vendors pushing cheap souvenirs on the sidewalks.  There is some beautiful architecture available to view including one of the largest theaters in Europe, holding 7,000.

I chose to take a side trip out of the city to Cefalu, a lovely old seaside town.  I got to see the countryside which I always enjoy.  Agriculture is a big industry with citrus being a prime product along with olives and olive oil.
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Baja Sardinia, near Olbia

Enroute to Baja Sardinia

Enroute to Baja Sardinia

Cefalu sits on a promontory about an hour and a half from Palermo.  It is a beach resort with a delightful little town of steep winding streets, a large cathedral, an ancient bath area where women did the laundry and the Temple of Diana.  There was not enough time to see everything, unfortunately so I gave up the ruins of the temple although I did find the street so I can return later.  Bonus points are awarded to the bride who planned her wedding for exactly the time we were in the courtyard of the cathedral.
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  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will be in Palermo in November – any other suggestions?
    Jan & Leif

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