Posted by: gardner310 | June 10, 2014

World Cruise, Pitcairn Island of “Bounty” Fame

Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island


I’ve watched 2 versions of Mutiny on the Bounty this past week-the one with Marlon Brandon and Alec Guiness and the one with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins.  Of course I had seen both of these in the past but really didn’t remember details.  Did you know that the one with Marlon Brando has Fletcher Christian die in the end?  I bet the Pitcairn islanders with the last name of Christian would be really surprised since many are descended from him.  Hollywood license, I know.


Island residents

Island residents


I met the 50or so descendants of Mr Christian today when they boarded our ship for the day from Pitcairn Island.  One of them gave a wonderful lecture on the history and current status of the island.  By the way, they are looking for people to come and settle there – younger people.  The population is aging and there are very few young people to carry on.  If you are looking for a retirement destination that is nice and quiet and you want to get away from it all, stop in for a visit.  Just plan it very well because you need to be sure to check the boat schedules or you may be there for 3 months waiting for the supply boat.

It was a fun experience to talk to them and pick up a few of their wares.





_DSC0244 _DSC0334 _DSC0308

Pitcairn shots

Pitcairn handicrafts


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