Posted by: gardner310 | July 13, 2014

World Cruise, Pago Pago


Sailing into Pago Pago

Sailing into Pago Pago

This was our second time to American Samoa in Pago Pago and I did a tour last time so we decided to just wander into town. The wander didn’t take very long as it’s a small town. We headed to the supermarket and I found my favorite American potato chips. Funny what you miss from home when you’re away. We walked up the hillside to the cemetery and met a nice young man who allowed me a photo shot. Michael gave him a dollar and within 15 minutes he was back with his brother who asked if we gave him money. I think the older kid figured he could cash in. Kids never change.


It is a beautiful island with a magnificent coastline, beaches, crags and cliffs.

Pago Pago Beach at hotel

Amsterdam in Pago Pago


Stopped at the original Sadie Thompson’s bar and restaurant where Somerset Maugham wrote in 1915. One of the locals was at the bar and very chatty about the people in general. Tip: Always sit at the bar and you will get the latest updates, whether you know anyone or not.

_DSC0733 Original Sadie Thompson's B


I was hoping something of Somerset’s writing would rub off but the inspiration hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe someday…the great American novel.

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