Posted by: gardner310 | July 17, 2014

World Cruise in Happy Hong Kong


Everybody likes Hong Kong. No matter how many times you visit there is always some place new to visit or more shopping to do. It is exotic yet comfortable at the same time. The signs are in Chinese but also in English and the public transportation is easy to maneuver.  Although the shopping is not nearly as good as it was years ago.  Like everything else as the world becomes smaller the bargains are disappearing.


Day one was rainy and I had a few things I was looking for in the way of photo equipment, just small accessories. We hit 6 stores and none of them had what I was looking for so it will when I get closer to Florida and I can pick them up in Ft. Lauderdale when the ship arrives. Some things are just easier to do at home. The evening had me on a harbor cruise for the laser light show. It was still foggy and cold so not the best night I’ve done this but still something I wouldn’t be doing at home in Chicago in March!

_DSC1838 Window to Hong Kong Sail In

Day 2 my mission was to go to Lantau island and see the Big Buddha. I’ve seen Lantau but never took the cable car to the top and the buddha. Still foggy and cool but dry today so I hopped the Star Ferry and picked up the metro to Tung Chung where the skyrail waited for my spooky foggy ride to the top. The fare is 150 HKD for the regular car and 225 HKD for the crystal car. I paid the 150 and got in line until I head the guy say it was a 90 minute wait but I could upgrade for the extra $10US and have a 5 minute wait. Save yourself the time and trouble and just pay the higher fee in the first place, it was so worth it.

At the top it was still misty but warmer so I had several hours to explore, thanks to the fast cable car line! The fog kept the big buddha shrouded much of the time but I stood for awhile and snapped some shots when there was a clear chance. It’s a good climb to the buddha that provided my aerobic exercise for the afternoon. The monastery there is active and many were offering incense and praying. The retail village is quite cute and offers some nice shopping but since I had some traveling to do to get back to the ship, I had to forego the shopping. Glad I took the trip , I just wish I had more time to see more of the island. Next time!


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