Posted by: gardner310 | February 7, 2009

On Board At Last

Well, kids, we boarded the Zuiderdam this morning at 8am.  We are unpacked and amazingly it all fit into the inside cabin on deck 5.  As long as we don’t spend too much time in here with no sunlight we will be just fine.  I have visions of Jack Nickelson in The Shining.

My Room Mate

My Room Mate


The ship is beautiful and the passengers on board are enjoying getting lost and looking for matches.  I can see that our desk position is such that we will be giving directions and advice as much as we will be booking future cruises.  Scary thought since this is my first time on the ship as well.

All of the crew we met so far have been most gracious and welcoming with offers of help if we need any.  There is a whole ship culture on board that will be very interesting to learn.  The sociologist in me is intrigued and I am looking forward to being part of it.

Michael at Our Desk

Michael at Our Desk


Bye for now.  We are off to the medical office to turn in our physical forms and then to the safety class.  We have an environmental class to do tomorrow and a few other requirements before we actually get our id’s.  Not sure if they throw us overboard if we don’t pass or not.  Will advise!


  1. Hey Guys, so glad you made it aboard! We have been praying for yall. God has some amazing adventures ahead for you two kids. We are looking forward to keeping up with your travels. We will contiune to pray for the homefront! Please keep us posted on current prayer requests and needs. We will keep them before the Lord.
    We love you guys, Uly and Jen

  2. How exciting! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures out at sea!!!

  3. Had no idea about your adventure. Just sent an email and this responce came back to me.
    I will watch your travels…Good luck in sharing an inside with Michael for this length of time….and your marriage….
    God Bless the two of you…Hugs to you both.

  4. Hey- I will keep up with you two- hope all is going well and you have time for a little fun too…
    Hugs Judy

  5. Great blog, and I love the name of it. !
    will be staying tuned to your adventures..and I just linked to you from my own blog!

  6. Joanne: Wish we were there with you. Good Luck! We will be contacting you re: Williamsburg in April.

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