Posted by: gardner310 | August 4, 2009

Canopy Touring in Juneau

I thought I should try the zip lining in Alaska while I was here.  I went with Alaska Canopy Adventures on Douglas Island and had a great afternoon.  The tour starts with a speedboat ride across the bay-no buses so I like this already.   8 Minutes later we do a beach landing on the only beach in Juneau on Douglas Island.  The beach is man-made from the tailings of the original gold mine about 100 years ago.  They pumped thousands of tons of tailings for each ton of ore.  The entire mine burned to the ground in 1926 and left one lone wooden building still standing that you see on one of the runs.

The rainforest is magnificent in August, lush and shady.  The trees are tower above even the highest line, which is about 150 feet.  The tour groups are restricted to 9 guests so it moves pretty quickly.  An interesting addition to the course is two suspension bridges in the middle that are way scarier than any of the zip lines.

The guides are fun and interesting, passing their knowledge about the forest and the history along to us.  Even the boat drivers have fun personalities that the guests enjoy.  They were catching crab for their dinner so they explained how crabbing works in Alaska and how serious it is taken.

Even the most timid in the group was a convert by then of the run.  An added bonus for us was the rappelling down from the last platform.  The entire program is great fun and an adventure that almost anyone can do (there are weight limits).  Travel is about new experiences and I personally recommend this one to get you out of your comfort range that will certainly highlight your Alaska adventure.

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