Posted by: gardner310 | August 17, 2009

Sitka Hiking in Tongass Rainforest

Hiking the Tongass

Today in Sitka it is cloudy but dry and pretty warm.  Fortunately for them it rained yesterday.  Last July the rainfall was 6.4 inches, this July it was .84 so you can see they really need the rain to keep the rainforest.

Tongass Rainforest

Tongass Rainforest

I went on the Hiking excursion in the Tongass National Rainforest.  This is the largest rainforest in the US at about 17 million acres.  What an incredible eco-system.  The drive is only 15 minutes or so from the town so most of your time is spent hiking rather than traveling.

We had Bob for our guide, who is now a local in Sitka for a number of years.  He was a teacher in his former life and at 71 he is going strong leading these tours and passing along his knowledge of flora, fauna and Sitka history.  Delightful to listen to and an example of what we can all do in our retirement years.  He works with a group that is trying to develop more options for physically challenged tourist, those with wheelchairs, etc.  He is working with SATH and Southeast Alaska companies to expand the offerings with their accessible vehicle.

Tongass Rainforest Trail, Sitka Alaska

Tongass Rainforest Trail, Sitka Alaska

If you are looking to see more of Sitka than downtown and are up for a little exercise by all means take the hike.  This is the real Alaska of the National Geographic variety and you will return home well satisfied with your visit.

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