Posted by: gardner310 | January 12, 2010

Mazatlan on Foot

Third cruise over and almost up to date on the reporting.  This week I managed to get off and see some of Mexico on a walking tour.

The old town of Mazatlan is actually quite interesting.  The streets are narrow and lined with iron balconies and flowers.  The city has a malecon or sea walk that is one of the longest anywhere.  It is delightful to walk along it and

Boardwalk in Mazatlan

enjoy all the sculpture and the gorgeous sea views.  The cliff divers here dive from about 45 meters up.  The Acapulco divers dive from about 98 meters but these Mazatlan guys are impressive.

We visited the oldest bakery in Mazatlan and met Betty the baker.  Of course, I purchased a few goodies for Michael (did try a bite of each).  The place is tiny and is stuffed with antique furniture,

Elena, tour guide with Betty the Baker

photos and cooking equipment.  Quite a find.

There is an old home that is now a museum right on the plaza we visited and I could pretend I was living in the days of Zorro.   Beautiful verandahs and high ceilings and great views for the Mardi Gras

MZT Plaza

parades. Make this prime real estate still.  There are lots of small restaurants along the plaza, all al fresco, my favorite way to dine.

The cathedral is the second largest in Mexico and is stunning.  There was a mass in progress so I did not get to wander around as much as I would have liked   I’ll plan to revisit it another Tuesday.

Last week Michael and I went to visit the Zona Dorado (Golden Zone) which means lots of jewelry stores and shopping.  I happen to love jewelry stores but with Michael along, I was not allowed to stop.  So another visit to that area is in order –alone.

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