Posted by: gardner310 | January 12, 2010

Puerto Vallarta by bus

On the Bus, PV

Today in Puerto Vallarta Michael and I took the bus into the city.  We found the blue and white bus and hopped on for 6 pesos, about $.50.  If you take a cab it runs about $5.00 each.  The route takes you along the beach and past many of the hotels on the beach.  These are not the all –inclusive resorts many tourists prefer but they are the closest to the town itself, if you like to eat locally.

We got off at the river, which is at the south end of town and walked back toward the ship.  Puerto Vallarta has a wide malecon (boardwalk) with a lot of sculpture and tons of stores.  The town itself is very crowded with winter tourists so it is not easy to navigate the narrow sidewalks, back off the

Huichole Beading

malecon, but the streets have some great restaurants and shops.  Several artisanal markets occupy corners but I was more drawn to the individual boutiques along the street.  Again I need to return alone so I can spend some time delving into them.

The cathedral is smack dab in the center of the city, surrounded by commercial real estate of all kinds.  It is one of those things were you can’t see it until you are in front of it.  We have received several restaurants and we probably won’t be able to get to more than a couple but the Blue Shrimp and Oscars are 2 on the list.  I will report on the tasting experiences when they happen.

Local Lunch in PV

Hoping to do some horseback riding and a few more active excursions as time goes on.  Ciao for now.


  1. Good day… I just found your blog. I’m very interested in reading about Mexico Travel. Puerto Vallarta is a very beautiful place. I’ve driven from Guadalajara straight thru Puerto Vallarta… That trip was an adventure!

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