Posted by: gardner310 | December 9, 2010

Entertainment Cast of the ms Veendam

I just wanted to write a little about the crew show we had last evening.  Our entertainment cast on the ship is wonderful.  They are smart, fun, caring but mostly talented.  They took their own time to revamp one of the regular shows they perform for the guests and do it for the crew of the ship.  This was their third show of the evening at 11:30pm, the first two being at 8pm and 10pm for the guests.  They even bought the beer for us.  Yeah, Krystal.

The twists they put on the numbers were all kind of creative as well as hilarious.  The band was amazing in their shorts/bathing trunks with the formal black socks and/or no shoes at all.   They laughed at themselves so we could laugh along and have a truly enjoyable evening.   From the captain on down, we were laughing, crying and clapping in appreciation.  LaLa’s dance brought tears to eyes and also opened eyes as to what creative dance really is.  I wish I could post photos so you could see our amazing talent.  But you will just have to take my word that the show was fabulous and the only down side was that more crew could not be there to enjoy it.  Muchas gracias to you all, Josh, Laura, Tim, Patrick, Keldon, Krystal, LaLa, Tasha and the magnificent Veendam HAL Cats.  You are the best.

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