Posted by: gardner310 | December 9, 2010

High Seas

25 Foot Swells Makes an Interesting Day

We are off the coast of Argentina and were forced to miss the Falkland Islands yesterday due to an incoming storm.  We could have gotten the tenders into the island but there was great doubt about being able to get back to the ship via the tenders.  As much as I enjoy the Falklands, but it is not a place I would prefer to be stranded.  The entire population is about 2600 so you can imagine there are not a lot of accommodations available.

So we had another sea day and ended up riding the waves.  It was the most amazing day for watching the ocean we have had while sailing.  The winds were so strong the doors were blocked so we could not go outside which is why my photos are all shot through glass windows, some cleaner than others.  I was most frustrated about not being able to get out.  A kind guest offered use of her balcony and I took advantage of the offer.  Her stateroom was on deck 9 so the angle of shooting down to the water was not as dramatic as shooting from a lower deck but you could certainly feel the wind.

I’ve included some shots that do not do the ocean justice for its great presentation.  It was quit an amazing day and made all of us realize just how insignificant we really are.


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