Posted by: gardner310 | December 20, 2011



Three ports in Korea allowed us to see South Korea quite well.  Busan, Jeju and Incheon  (port for Seoul) were our stops.

Amazingly, I spent time in Korea with a group of  travel industry friends a few years ago so I could actually say I knew my way around a little bit.  My favorite places are always the markets and in Korea it is the fish markets.. Feisty Korean women in rubber aprons are cleaning, watering and selling seafood of any kind, and I mean any kind.  There is stuff there I still don’t recognize and could never get an English answer as to what it is.  I’ve said before that half the stuff I don’t recognize and the other half spits at me as I walk by.  It is absolutely fascinating and I am always enthralled in these markets.

My friend, Tunde, and I are kindred spirits as far as eating and wandering back streets.  We found a tiny place across from the markets and had a spicy seafood soup with lots of creatures, accompanied by the usual small dishes of fermented veggies and topped off by a few Korean beers.  It’s not cheap, funnily enough, but its fascinating good food and a bit of an adventure.  I do draw the line at eating things that are still moving, however, so I happily left them in their tubs as we took off for the mall.

I did not feel the need to go to Seoul, about an hour+ by train from Incheon having been there previously, In Incheon there is a huge mall called the Aqua Mall that has a stunning water show with music in its atrium.  The shops are varied and definitely high fashion and the food courts are definitely more interesting than those at home.  After saying that, though, I have to admit that the two places I was drawn to was Baskin Robbins and Coldstone ice cream.  Little bits of home are always welcome.

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