Posted by: gardner310 | December 20, 2011

Shanghai, China

Shanghai from the Hyatt

Shanghai’s skyline is the most amazing I’ve seen.  I live in Chicago and I am always thrilled with our skyline but the drama of Shanghai’s far surpasses ours.  Even Hong Kong, these days, falls behind Shanghai and I always considered Hong Kong as #1.  It’s a vibrant, high fashion city that fascinates all who visit.  Nanjing Road is a pedestrian mall in part with thousands of shops, hotels and restaurants where crowds stroll until late in the evening.  We dock very close to the Bund so it was a pleasant walk from the ship to the best part of town and the great views.

Once again we found a local restaurant on the 12th floor of a building where we ordered genuine Chinese food from the most entertaining menu I’ve ever seen.  It was large, laminated with photos in Chinese with literal English translations.  We laughed so hard reading it we took about half an hour to place our order.  There are a couple of photos below.

The river, the Bund, old town, the new town – all of it makes up a most impressive destination.

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