Posted by: gardner310 | August 28, 2012

Trulli? What the —- are trulli?

Trulli, Alberobello


827  After sleeping in, I headed out on foot to the zona trulli.  I was told it was 15-20 minutes away but they neglected to say it was all uphill.  I have to remember that in Italy, almost everything is up a hill.  Fortunately I had my hat and water bottle so I just followed the signs.  I was expecting ruins in the tradition of Pompei but I got the opposite.  It is a beautifully restored area, sparkling white and bustling with shops, restaurants and tourists.  The streets are made for wandering (uphill and downhill) and everywhere you look there is a photo op.  The Siamese trullo is the oldest in the neighborhood, dating back about 1500 years, now a lovely linens shop.  Here also is the trullo church of St. Anthony di Padova.  Sitting inside and looking up at the arches and the thick walls was quite comfortable, even without air conditioning, and you could understand the benefits of this architectural style in this arid area.
I decided to have lunch in Trulli City since I missed breakfast and the heat was taking its toll.  The Locanda di Gallo turned out to be the perfect respite.  The inside is typical trullo with lots of small rooms but they had a tented courtyard so I ate outside and enjoyed the breeze that was blowing with a little too much gusto but felt good.

Lunch in Trulli City

Of course I had to try the local specialty, burrata, a dish of prosciutto type ham and a ball of runny mozzarella type cheese, a salada misto with the local house vino rosso.  Even in a tourist area my 1/4 litre cost only 2.5 euros.  Being the lightweight drinker I have become, it would have been too much if I was driving.  However since I walking I finished the whole thing and enjoyed every drop.

Burrata, Ham and Cheese

From the zona trulli I walked downhill, crossed a main street of shops and restaurants, and headed back uphill to see the Basilica.  As European basilicas go, it is small but lovely.  Behind the basilica is the largest trulli are that is authentically a neighborhood, not a tourist attraction.  Had the lady in the informazzioni oficio not told me to go there, I would have missed some great street wandering.  And I am all about street wandering!  I wandered my way back to my hotel about 6pm, checked email and left in the car for Locorotondo, a nearby white city.  By the time I got there it was almost dark so I took a couple of roadside photos and headed home.  I will see it in the daylight on my way to Lecce, non,c’è una problema..

Locando del Gallo – Lunch

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