Posted by: gardner310 | August 31, 2012

Lecce at Night

I’m sitting in the main Piazza in Lecce at11pm and it is crowded with couples, families with small children and groups of friends. A group of 3 street entertainers just finished a great program which had hundreds standing around in a circle watching. They were gymnasts,two guys a girl, who did a lot of tossing the girl around and she ended up in air on hands. Very good.

There is a opera playing in the amphitheater behind me, the same one I was in the other night.

This is Europe, especially Italy and the Mediterranean countries. The restaurants and cafes are full. Life starts at night! I think I live in the wrong place. Wheaton closes up about 9, even our ships are quiet by 11:30pm. Off to the gelateria on my home. nope. I would have been # 32 in line- at almost midnight.

Enjoying it while I can. You can experience the same joie de vivre (French,I know), come to Italy. I’ll be happy to plan your trip. Viva Italia!


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