Posted by: gardner310 | September 1, 2012

Driving in Italy

I think I’ve figured most of it out.  The Italians are pretty good drivers but a little scary until you figure out the system.  I’m sure I scared a few of them this week as I worked my through roundabouts and sensa vias (one way streets) the wrong way!  It looks to me like the reason they tailgate so much is that if you are the passing lane more than 30 seconds you get run over by the Audi screaming up behind you.  So they hug your tail until there is room to pass and then whip around you, almost cutting you off in front.  But it works.  I haven’t heard many horns, cars just seem to meld in and out of traffic circles and around corners.  You do have to be careful as a pedestrian but the drivers seems quite reasonable if you are in a crosswalk.  Not that they necessarily stop but they do slow down.

Now don’t get me started on the parking situation…

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