Posted by: gardner310 | September 2, 2012

Alberobello to Lecce


In the main piazza of Lecce

828  I actually made breakfast this morning.  Spent a few hours packing and working on the free internet.  Boy, I hated to leave that, slow as it was.  My drive today was not as long as the first day.  I was headed to Lecce via Ostuni.  I printed the directions at home from Alberobello to Lecce but when I decided to go to Ostuni, I had to do it the old fashion way, by map.  Fortunately it was not complicated and I made it an easy day.  Ostuni is another white city with a lovely cathedral (15th c) but the traffic was brutal and I had no city map.  This means I am trying to find brown signs that say cathedral or basilica while not side scraping a car.  Wasn’t easy but got through it unscathed.

From here I stopped in a town called Carovigno because it has a humongous castello that you can see from the main road.  Took that quick left up the hill, of course, and found that the Castello Dentice di Frasso (15th c) is only open from 5-8 pm.  Unfortunately, it was 2 pm and I was not going to wait that long so the only photos are from the outside.  Disappointed but glad I got to see it.

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