Posted by: gardner310 | September 3, 2012

Evening in Lecce

Basilica, Lecce

828 Night  Found my Hotel President in Lecce with only due  (2) requests for direzzioni.  These cities are murder with no maps.  It’s a large modern hotel with fast internet but no parking so I am reduced to dealing with meters.

Headed into old town about 5pm when the town starts to bustle after the shops reopen.  It’s a straight shot up the hill to the Duomo, Public Gardens, the Roman amphitheatre and the church of Santa Croce.  The old town is a place of constant photo ops with it’s old architecture and lovely winding streets.  I am sending you to Flickr to see the many shots I have of this adventure.  Soon to be uploaded, I promise  .



Dinner tonight was a PizzO, a specialty of Lucca.  It’s  a roll with olives, cheese, pepperoncini and it really is a meal for 1.5euros.  The one thing they don’t tell the newcomers is that the olives still have the pits.  Found that out quickly on the first bite.  Teeth still intact, I think.

Lecce Lamp

Lecce Lamp

Pressed on to the amphitheatre and found that at 9pm Musica Nuda was giving a concert at the price of 15 euros for a seat with a back.  Of course, I decided to go, how often do you get to hear the acoustics of old Roman ingenuity with a musical group?  The duo was a bass player with a girl singer in the style of jazz.  Her voice had quite a range to it and the audience was very familiar with their work so lots of good feedback.  Only drawback was they started an hour late with really no explanation.  I sat there thinking I have seen Celine Dion, Andrea Boccelli, Yanni, Josh Groban and they all started on time, who do these two think they are?  My own opinion, of course.

I was out from 5pm – 12m and suddenly thought of my car, parked in the street, wondering if it was still there or if it had a ticket.  It was ticketless (unless it is coming in the mail) so I moved it closer to the hotel because I have to get leave by 9am or pay for parking.  Off to Otranto tomorrow, I think, some history and some BEACH time.

Concert in Lecce amphitheater

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