Posted by: gardner310 | September 20, 2012

Roaming Rome

My grand plans of covering Rome in 5 hours quickly disappeared when I decided to actually visit Castel Sant Angelo.

The line just to get into St Peter’s basilica went entirely around the perimeter of the great piazza. Option one, visit the inside, went down the tubes. Since I’ve seen it before it wasn’t too disappointing. Those of you who know me know I always have a Plan B,C,D. You get the picture.

So off I went to the Castel Sant Angelo just down the street. Once there I thought I would actually go inside, something I haven’t done previously. 10.5 euros for the biglietto to enter so I was really hoping the photos and views would be worth it.

It’s quite the amazing structure and there was a wonderful exhibition called Il Papi. (The Popes).  A more thorough description is forthcoming.

The views from the Hadrian’s terrazzo were lovely. I wish I was a better videographer because the panorama was a vista of domes of all sizes.

Tip. Free clean bathrooms with toilet paper and hand soap.

By the time I wandered out I had but a couple of hours left. Plan C was formed on the fly and I headed down the Tiber River to Trastevere. This is an area I had never visited in my previous visits and it is supposed to be a great neighborhood for restaurants and crooked streets.

The walk along the Tiber was perfect with the shade and breezes. I arrived quicker than expected and the area did not disappoint. What a fun area! My favorite kind of streets and oh, so many restaurants. Great wall colors, windows and greenery. Stopped in to Santa Maria Di Trastevere to see the church and have a sit for a bit. The cool quiet of the churches offer welcome respit after hours of walking and standing as well as wonderful art and a chance for a quick prayer.

My short day in Rome ended with a forced march back to Stazione S Pietro in order to catch the train back to Civitavecchia well ahead of boarding time. Success and hope the upcoming photos will give you an idea of the day. Ciao!

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