Posted by: gardner310 | October 13, 2012

Corfu, Greece

Scarves for the monastery in Corfu

Corfu  offered a lovely monastery high on a hill to visit.  If you were not appropriately dressed (sleeves and covered knees) you had colorful scarves in a basket that could be worn as a cover.  Along with the usual wonderful views of the sea Corfu City is a labyrinth of streets and staircases where you could easily get lost.  It is not as bad as Venice but I really had to pay attention to find my back to the meeting point.


Many upscale designer shops lined the streets alongside the souvenir shops and cafes.  Being on a Greek island there were the traditional sponges packages with the lovely olive oil soap.  I grabbed a couple of bars to use in the cabin because the air in the ship tends to dry your skin.   All in all a good day.

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