Posted by: gardner310 | October 21, 2012

Santa Maria de Leuca, Puglia

829  Right, in the car and off to points south.   My initial destination was Otranto but as I got closer I saw that Santa Maria de Leuca was only about 20 k, further and it is the southernmost city in the heel of the boot plus it had grottoes to see as well as the Church of 100 Stones, Chiesa de Cento Pietras.  Arriving into any town with no map is not fun.  I managed to find one sign that pointed to Chisa de Cento Pietras but never found the church.  But… I found the Grotto di Diablo and Punto Rutolo, both gorgeous sights on the coast.  I also found the Basilica but ended up at the bottom of 400 steps to reach it.  As luck would have it there was both a wedding in the basilica and a cafe at the top of the stairs.  Weddings brings smiles even if you don’t know the couple.  Tradition in Italy is to release a bunch of white balloons before they got into this tiny open air taxi for a celebratory drive around the city.  Celebrated myself with a coca lite and a chair in the shade.

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