Posted by: gardner310 | June 22, 2013

Island of Windmills, Mykonos


Mykonos, Greece is one of my favorite islands or at least port towns.  The usual winding streets full of color call my name every time I am there.  There is little car traffic because they keep it away from the harbor so the tourists can walk without the pressure of being killed.  Scooters are another matter, though, so keep your eye out for them at all times.  This time I walked over to the windmills, Mykonos’ signature, to take some photos up close and personal.
I also made a friend in a jewelry shop, a Marco Bichego boutique.  He is my favorite Italian designer and he had a new collection I had to investigate.  Sophia was just lovely and we did hit it off even with her working on a sale from me.  I would like to have her as a friend and how many sales people can you say that about.  Hope to catch up with her next time toward the end of the season.


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