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Knights of Rhodes

Tower at corner of Rhodes city

Tower at corner of Rhodes city

Knights of the Order of St John established a hospital on Rhodes in Greece  many years ago.  From here they migrated to Malta and became known as the Templar.  Dan Brown, anyone?  Their actual work, although they were a military organization, was to work in the hospitals as care givers.  I did visit the Palace of the Grand Master that was refurbished by the Italians (who else?).

Rhodes' Mosaic

Rhodes’ Mosaic

The mosaics in the Palace were brought in pieces from plundered Roman homes and buildings on the island Kos but the amazing thing is that there is not one piece missing.  Unbelievable.

The city of Rhodes is surrounded by massively thick walls, turrets and a wide moat (now dry).  It is a beautiful city also filled with shops and cafes with free wifi on streets where one is more colorful than the next.  A large mosque is located in the city along with the Catholic churches.

I did take the journey to Mt. Filerimos and the church of Our Lady.  It’s a beautiful setting out on the island on the grounds of an ancient settlement.  Rhodes is a must see destination if you are visiting the Aegean.

Church of Our Lady, Rhodes

Church of Our Lady, Rhodes


  1. And here in Rhodes was also one of my favorite memories. We had an unexpected overnight there to avoid a storm. Several of my entertainer friends and I went out about midnight and found a little outdoor cafe inside the walls that was still open. The wife really wanted to close, but the husband decided to stay open for us and oh my gosh what a night it was. Turns out the husband use to teach Greek dancing so after eating some fabulous Greek food, and of course, several drinks, there we were learning to dance outdoors in the walkways with the music bellowing. It was one of those wonderful unexpected times that was unbelievably perfect!

    Bless ya, Elaine

    P.S. Note I don’t like Ouzo at all and never drink too much personally anyway, but crazy enough to just do it without too much liquor in me! What fun!

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