Posted by: gardner310 | July 2, 2013

Considering Cornwall, Part 2

Gray Hills

Gray Hills

My list is long, I’ll warn you for this was a week of trying new things, seeing new places and first impressions.  The weather was mediocre but it was mostly dry, for which I thank God.  It drizzled a bit on a couple of days but never hard enough to stop the sightseeing.

The Dartmoor Moor covers a large area in Devon, on the way to Cornwall.  Much of the moor reminded me of the Falkland Islands, acres covered with rocks and sheep.  All of the items in the present musing are within the moor.  In addition to those, other pieces include:

Sheep.  There is a  road sign that says, “Caution, sheep lying on roads”, and they DO. There are wild horses among the sheep and one kind of cattle has long shaggy hair and very long horns.  All of these can be on the road at any turn so driving at any speed is nigh on impossible.  I will need google to find the correct species of what I saw but for that I need free fast wifi.

Low hung mist.  The mist of the moors is legendary and were I a serious photographer I would spend time there attempting to catch the mood when the mist  hangs low.  It is truly mesmerizing.

Gray.  Get used to it, as it is the standard color of the day.  When we had sun it usually showed itself around 5-6pm in the evening providing a lovely evening setting for dinner or a walk.

Tintagel Castle Trails

Tintagel Castle Trailsn

Hiking trails.  Bazillions of them and about as many people using them.  There are parking lots in the middle of owhere that are there because there is a public access to a trail.  I have never seen so many people with walking sticks, and I don’t mean canes.  I would love to plan another holiday in Cornwall just to walk the trails although I don’t see myself camping so it would have to be a village to village trip.

Dogs.  Bazillions of them, too.  The English love their dogs and bring them everywhere, including restaurants.  This bothers me a little from an uptight American health conscious viewpoint since often the small dogs are actually on the table itself.  However, I am all in favor of them elsewhere, especially out on the trails or playing on the beaches getting their exercise.  There are very cool dogs out there.  One lady was walking 4 greyhounds and two shelties.  I found Hagrid’s dog, Fang (from Harry Potter) on the street in Fowey.  It’s an English Mastiff (full disclosure-not really the movie dog but same breed)

Fang, of Harry Potter fame, from Fowey

Fang, of Harry Potter fame, from Fowey

Each day was a discovery, new port town or sightseeing venue like the Eden Project.  I’ll elaborate on these a bit later but suffice it to say, I love Cornwall and the West Country.


  1. Sounds great, I’d like to walk the trails too. I know we Brits love our dogs, but I agree, dogs on the dinner table is taking things a bit far!

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