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Considering Cornwall, Part 3

Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties

Traveling for me always involves food.  I like to eat and always like to try new things.  I can’t say Cornwall provided any awe inspiring meals.  We tended to eat in pubs and sandwich shops  and I’ve never been a fan of this kind of food.  That being said, the best meal I had was the lasagna at Holmwood Inn in St Austell.

Pasties.  This is the famous food of Cornwall, Cornish Pasties.  You could call it an English empanada since it’s a meat (usually) pie filling wrapped in pastry to make it take out food.  The original pasty has meat and veg in one half and a fruit filling in the other half, making it a entire meal.  As a meal it comes with chips (French fries) and veg.  They are tasty  and here it is a staple.

St Isaac Fisherman

St Isaac Fisherman

Crab.  Cornwall is famous for its crab.  Many of the fishing boats we saw were actually crabbing with traps.  The crab

sandwich (with chips) is on every restaurant menu.  Souvenir shops sells a kit for crabbing, including a bucket, a line and a net and kids are all over the wharfs trying to catch dinner.

Ice cream,  Now here is where I get interested.  I don’t eat much pastry in the way of desserts but I do like good ice cream.  In Cornwall, it is good, made with milk from local cows.  No low fat ice cream here and I’m all in favor of that.  If you are worried about calories, ice cream is not usually on your list anyway.

Cornish cheese board

Cornish cheese board

Cheese.  Between the cows and sheep here there is plenty of milk for cheese.  I made an attempt to try a few kinds and can say there wasn’t one I wouldn’t bring home.

Bacon.  I am an American and like most Americans, I love bacon.  Nice crispy bacon.  I ordered a Brie and bacon sandwich on whole grain bread with a side salad in the Truro Cathedral coffee shop.  They had a nice menu in a lovely setting and it sounded perfect.    My sandwich came with partially cooked ham with loads of fat attached.  I had totally forgotten that English bacon is really thin ham slices with all of the fat left on.  After I pulled the fat off and rebuilt the sandwich, I enjoyed my ham and cheese sandwich.

Thankfully I did a lot of walking and climbing as we toured the area but I still need to put myself back on salads quickly once we leave this country in a week and get back to the continent.


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