Posted by: gardner310 | December 8, 2013

Roaming Rome


I lost my lens hood for my go-to lens and since 99% of the time I am out at midday taking photos under the harsh high sun, I use the  hood all the time.  I started looking for a new one in the major cities, Istanbul, Venice, Athens but to no avail.  I found the name of a large and well recommended store in Rome, Sabatini’s, and made the trip from the port of Civitevecchia to the Eternal City.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo

Sabatini’s was easy to find, close to the Vatican Museum, but alas no lens hood.  Here I was in Rome with 4 hours to kill so I set off towards the Trevi Fountain via the Castel Sant’ Angelo.  My goal was to revisit the fountain, Pantheon, Vittorio Emanuele monument, Piazza Navona and find some interesting gelato.

Due to the fact that I stop often for photos, I never made the Trevi Fountain but covered the rest of the list including some time for enjoying dark chocolate and red wine gelato at the delightful Cafe Teatro where they make their own flavors.  Rome is such a



great city to spend any amount of time exploring because every street holds something interesting, be it a door, an ornament, a cafe or a famous monument.  Simply watching the traffic at work from a safe sidewalk cafe can provide entertainment for hours.

The return home to port took us through the agricultural area that reminded me of the opening scene of “Gladiator” although this was taken from a moving bus so it’s not as cinematically beautiful.



  1. Viva Italia:) !!

    • All too true. Love Italy. Thanks

      Joanne Gardner, CTC THE Travel Specialist 630-462-7825

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