Posted by: gardner310 | December 8, 2013

An Unexpected Port

Baja Sardinia left

Baja Sardinia left

Olbia, Sardinia was a replacement port for Tunis, which we had to cancel due to political unrest.  Turns out it is a fine little city with a nice old section that provided shade, cafes and wifi.  The morning excursion took us to two seaside areas, Baja Sardinia and Porto Cervo, home of the Aga Khan’s resort

Street window in Olbia

Street window in Olbia

development.  The rich and famous visit this upscale area on a regular and both Putin and Berlusconi have enormous homes here.

_DSC0198 We spent about an hour in each place for photos and snacks.  Both are beach resorts but the shopping is definitely in Porto Cervo.    Name a designer and he/she has a shop there.  Some of the zodiacs from the yachts were larger than boats I have sailed.  I succumbed to an art purchase here, ceramic figure made by a local artisan.  Tried the local gelato but Rome still has it beat. I’m planning on returning to Florence and retry the Grom’s chocolate since that still ranks high on my list.

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