Posted by: gardner310 | December 16, 2013

Up to Jerusalem, Again…

The Dome, Jerusalem

The Dome, Jerusalem

So…I was planning on staying in Haifa and getting to the Bahai gardens but I opted to go back to Jerusalem with a friend who hadn’t been there.  We rounded up 7 other crew from Bulgaria, England, Holland, South Africa, Romania,  rented a van and guide and took off to see the old city and swim in the Dead Sea.

The city was again crowded but not as bad as it was the last time earlier in the season.  As it was not as hot as before, the visit was considerable more pleasant than

It's uphill in Jerusalem

It’s uphill in Jerusalem

previously.  Being a small group we managed to visit the sites quickly and still had a little free time to wander and get some photos.

30 minutes after leaving the city we were at the Dead Sea, having lunch in the seaside restaurant, Neve Midbeach Bar.  It was a wonderful spread served family style with salads, humus and chicken kababs.  With our hunger satisfied it was time to head to the mud and the water.  This place was a riot of frolicking adults slapping mud all over themselves for the medicinal effects.  It looked like a pig sty for 2 legged animals.  What was fun was listening to everyone laughing and having a fabulous time.  After the mud bath and massage (optional) a float in the Dead Sea is mandatory.  It is

The Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall

90% salt and minerals so the only thing you can do is float.  You can sit up and read a book or if you prefer or just lay back and rest.  Just keep the water out of your eyes because that will cause a lot of pain and anguish due to the minerals.  Emerging from the sea almost mud free your skin feels as smooth as a baby’s.  It’s like getting scrubbed with a loufah without the scratchy part.  Marvelous!

Several hours later we returned to the ship full, spiritually fulfilled, bodies regenerated and ready for a nap.  A great day with great sights and people.


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