Posted by: gardner310 | June 15, 2014

World Cruise, Sydney Pylon Climb



Day 2 in Sydney had me going back to the bridge so I could climb the pylon and take my own photos. With your ticket to climb the bridge come a ticket to climb the pylon on the south side of the bridge. 200 stairs up and you are looking at mid-section of the bridge. It’s a good ways down to the street level and you can get some good shots of the steel works on the bridge. It’s fun to watch the little blue groups make their way up the right side of the bridge and down the left, knowing you were there the previous day.


We strolled through the “Rocks” which is a trendy area full of shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and apartments. Just to the right is Circular Quay with all its ferries plying the harbor and of course, the famed Opera House. I took time to walk over to the opera house and take some photos and sit and do a bit of wifi. All in all Sydney provided a much needed city experience.

_DSC1042 - Version 2


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