Posted by: gardner310 | June 27, 2014

World Cruise, Ile des Pins

_DSC0912 This is the stereotype of the South Pacific island.  The island is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. We dock right by the beach and the lagoon is just across the street. Under the shade trees the locals provide home cooked fish and braided palm hat and bag – all free. You need go nowhere else but if you want to see more, you can take a cab to a lagoon that is about an hour away even more secluded and more stunning. _DSC0850 Just for fun I took the speed boat over to a couple of smaller islands to look for sea turtles.   Good news, we found one!  The beach on the smaller island was as pristine as any I have seen since no one lives on the island.  30 minutes of just floating in the crystal clear turquoise water looking back at the beach is enough for anyone to de-stress. Without doubt this is a top pick with all the guests.


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