Posted by: gardner310 | July 6, 2014

World Cruise, Madang, New Guinea

Near Madang

Near Madang

Michael and I  both visited different villages in Madang with our tours and were treated to traditional singing and dancing, called a singsing. Funny how I remembered that term from my anthropology classes in college xx number of years ago. Didn’t get to see the mudmen, unfortunately, since they live hundreds of miles up in the mountains.

The Band

The Band

Madang, as a city, was not as friendly as Alotau the previous day.  I think it’s the usual country/city attitudes that we find here in the US as well.

The Watcher

The Watcher

The villages we visited here are used regularly for the tourists so they were pretty open with us.  A couple I met were happy to answer questions and give me some history of the village.  The performers did their job but I didn’t get the sense they were thrilled about it.  Kids are kids, no matter where they live, curious and shy for the most part.  Do not chew beetle nut if you don’t like red teeth.  It’s a national pastime and not a healthy one but it does make them feel good.

The fact I was able to be in New Guinea at all still amazes me. I wish PNG all the best as progress arrives.





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