Posted by: gardner310 | July 7, 2014

Sailing, sailing…

On a world cruise there are lots of ports but on the flip side that means lots of sea days.  In our position that means working all day at the desk,like a “real” job. The days usually fly by with Some days flyby with a steady stream of guests stopping to ask questions or make a cruse booking but other days are dead boring.  This is when paperwork gets done as well as the marketing

We had a promotion going on with a special incentive for booking a Panama Canal cruise.  On the two sea days to Yap  I did a combination power point presentation on the history of the canal and a cooking demonstration on empanadas, a typical Panamanian (actually Latin American) dish. It was my first time doing a live cooking demo and I don’t see myself following in the footsteps of Julia Child but it was fun to do.  And it was on TV!  Other than running overtime, it went well.   We did sell a few extra Panama Canal cruises. 

One of the benefits of working on a ship is that you are sometimes pushed out of your comfort zone.  I’ve found that the more it happens the easier it becomes to try new things in other areas of your life.  After all, life is an adventure be it with empanadas or shark diving.

Since I don’t take many pictures on sea days, here’s one of the Canal.


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