Posted by: gardner310 | July 18, 2014

World Cruise: Columbia, Sri Lanka



This is as close to India as we get on this cruise. It is bustling, crowded city but with lots of green space. Temples upon temples, around every corner it seemed. We visited a ovule of the larger well known ones but then our tuk yuk driver took us to one out of the way where we found a Hindu wedding in progress. The Indian dress is so colorful and the wedding attire is even fancier and more stunning.

My friend Barbara, the travel guide and I visited the Jami Ul Alfareia mosque which is on a very narrow street clogged with farmers carts, tuk tuks and people. The mosque is huge, red and white candy striped and looks completely out of place yet also right at home. I could have stood on the corner and watched the activity for hours.

Our driver, Randy, found a store called “Barefoot “ where we shopped a bit and then shared a lovely lime juice with a plate of hummus. It was a simply delightful day from the back of our open air chariot.


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