Posted by: gardner310 | July 18, 2014

World Cruise, Party Hearty in Phuket



Phuket has grown tremendously over the years. It was one of the original island resorts of Thailand and today it may be a bit over the top.  Shopping for anything – jewelry, t-shirts, carvings, women, men, you name it.  Having said that you can go from Phuket to other islands that are less populated if you prefer or do what I did -take an elephant ride.

_DSC2353 _DSC2333 _DSC2367

Siam Elephant Park was a delightful surprise in how well it was laid out and run. We learned about Thai cooking, Thai tea and coffee, using a water buffalo in the rice paddy, how to shred a coconut and what to do with all of the parts, watched how they trained the young elephants and then had our ride through the jungle. Such a fun day and we all have a photo on an elephant to prove it.

Patong Bay was our anchorage which was literally on the small beach with a much larger beach just around the bend. Lots of shops and local taxis are there to supply you with your touring or shopping needs.

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